Dim Sum & Bakery
The baker of the restaurant Chef Limin Chen, is from Hong Kong, who has rich experiences in making desserts and cakes. He started learning at 17 from a professional baker from Guangzhou Baitiane Restaurant. He has been in US for 12 years and he is good at making all kinds of cakes and desserts. The restaurant offers freshly baked cakes. All bread is baked in the same day, and cakes are refrigerated no more than 48 hours. Fruits are also freshly picked. The restaurant catering birthday cakes, wedding cakes and big cakes for such as company celebration (order 48 hours in advance). All cakes can be customized with different flavors according to the requirements of customers. More Pictures

Chef's recommendations: 生汁蝦球,香酥鴨,XO海皇干炒粉絲煲,XO醬炒三鮮,XO醬生炒豬肚,北菇扒菜膽,竹笙扒豆苗,黃金蒜香骨,黃金雙龍等. Menu

Special Offers for Dine-in Customers:
***Get a FREE  6" Birthday Cake on Purchase $150 or above***
***Get a FREE  8" Birthday Cake on Purchase $200 or above***
***Get a FREE 12" Birthday Cake on Purchase $250 or above***
***Get a FREE 16" Birthday Cake on Purchase $300 or above***
Hong Kang Style Food

Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant serves all kinds of Hong Kang styled Food. Our recommendations include Zhiu Zhou Dumpling (潮州粉果), steamed vermicelli roll (腸粉), and beef balls. Our recipe for steamed vermicelli roll is specially from the bakery department at Guangzhou Oriental Hotel. The roll looks ordinary, but tastes wonderful.

We also serve different kinds of Hong Kang style noodle soup and Lo Mein. Menu

*** We provide waterproof boxes for dim sum and cakes, which could be put directly into refrigerators. ***
Early Bird Breakfast

In order to meet the needs of working people at early moring, we provide early bird breakfast at 6:30 every morning. Customers can choose from different breakfast menu accoding to their taste.

***Early Bird Breakfast starts at 6:30AM Everyday***
Breakfast menu includes French Toast, Ham & Egg Sandwich, and Sliced Beef Sandwich

Hong Kang Style Food Serving starts at 8AM Everyday.




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